Main Features

Kích hoạt VinaCF hack cf full chức năng

Vao day de kich hoat VinaCF va su dung full cac chuc nang hack cf cua vina crossfire modz.
+ Full wall
+ Xuyen tuong, Thay dan nhanh
+ Onehit, khong giat
Baixe o Haxker e extraia-os para sua Área de Trabalho.
Pegue o Crossfire Public + a DLL Loader e a Main Coloque Na Pasta Do Crossfire
Execute o CCleaner para que não ocorra o erro de ficar paralisado no 1 segundo.
Desative seu anti-vírus para que a XTRAP não detecte nenhum movimento haxker.
Clique no arquivo “Crossfire Crossfire Public” e execute-o como Administrador.

Garena Master II v1.10

Click AutAFK Account List and set up the accounts you want tbe used in the automatic system and check (Afk AutAdd tList)
Click Start AutAFK System and wait until the garenamaster end of doing all the dirty work (if you want tabort, just press Ctrl + F4)
NOTE: If it does not automatically enter in the room, it means that you never entered intany room with this PC and this account since you installed this garena, then just enter it manually in any room with this account that it will work normally

GCHKA Trainer v9.0 for Grand Chase Brazil

Abra o Injector.exe (Execute como adminstrador se for Windows 7).
Abra o grandchase e aperte em ENTRAR.
Com o jogo ja aberto, ative os cheats dentro da fase.

[gMS v120.1] Snow Bypassless

Changelogs: v1.04
Sexy GUI Change
Fixed Char X,Y Get Coords Bug
Fixed Kami Attack Kami Loot Bug
Fixed Timed Exit Bug (Read off wrong textbox lol)
Injector: Injector Gadget
If not Inject:
Download the files >>HERE<< and drag them all into your Maplestory folder.
Download .NET Framework 4 if those files didn’t fix it.[/B]
Also make sure you have downloaded “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable” .
If none of those options work, downloading “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Express” will.

Memory Changer – AVA Bypass

How to use:
1) Use Hassan’s method.
2) Be sure to launch the game through NWZLauncher.exe only.
3) Delete GameGuard folder, and the file GameGuard.des who is located within Binaries folder.
4) Replace with the files in the archive.
5) Make the “GameGuard.des” file who is in Binaries folder as “Read-only”.
6) Run the game and start the memory changer is inside the archive.

Multiclient for Dragon Nest SEA v76

Multiclient: You can run multiple clients at a time.
Just extract the rar into your Dragon Nest Sea’s folder. Overwrite everything. Or make a backup (just incase error occurs).
Make a shortcut via Right clicking on your desktop -> New -> Shortcut -> Paste this.

Original Closed Beta Testing Client for Vindictus NA (No Hackshield)

Anyways, I happen to find the original Vindictus CBT (Closed Beta Testing) setup, after I installed it, I took the Vindictus.exe file and replaced it into the latest update, which surprisingly ran. The original CBT version of Vindictus doesn’t initialize HackShield (a Nexon mistake), completely bypassing it. It runs perfectly in the original setup files (with the CurrentInfo.txt replaced with the latest patch), and works when the HShield folder is deleted.


Download SynBoz CrossFire World Wide

Working for Crossfire NA - PH - BR - EU - RU - INDO - PRIVATE - FANTASY

WooTrans.33 – Standalone Trans Bot for Vindictus NA, EU [Detection Fix]

Once you get to level 40, you have the opportunity to do the Pact quests, which results in gaining the Transformation skill. You MUST have the skill unlocked already to use this. If you’re new to this game, FYI: this is imperative to have in order to kill the harder raid bosses with crappy gear (most people aren’t rich!). You can transform only once an hour; you will gain 75 trans exp points for using the skill, and potentially another 25 from doing damage to monsters while in trans. With a full 100 pts each trans, it takes 800 transforms to max the skill. If you use trans every hour around the clock, it will take 33 days. If you play 2 hours, every day, it will take you over 13 months to max the skill.

PlayDGN Bot/Trainer for Dragon Nest SEA v75

What it does: It is a bot in leveling up your dummy account. Well it does not attack nor kill mobs, but it instantly teleport your dummy on the portal to make things fast. You dont have to control it just to make up to the portal. All you have to have is a main character(Booster) your dummy(the one you want to level up) and a fast computer that is capable of handling 2 DN clients at the same time.

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